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K;!. .. ■i' 


Special Collections 
The Clement C. Maxwell Library 


1 IIL 

wnUt ^UU Mnmnl ^the 

« -«•«•- » 

on ^v^^s rstahlislied by the State (l.r tlie preparation of Teachers, of t.r.di (| 
I'lihli.' >eliuu]s uf tlie fniii!:! -iiwciilth, and is under tlie direction uf the. 

i?V^fCHjcT]JiI!n^o /Vih* i|ci^' "Otai^JJfrinv^^npI^ of study, ^i 

iiid I he Sprlnif tcviw h 

'I'lit next F;ill term will ; Mfn-n 
(HI T; I -DAY, i''obrn;ir\' i'', lHt;7 

i!iii-r' fiit'ir itili interjtinn of fiiflliiislls .<It-(rx 

i .lion h.i \"- 

in- '.r ih 

lie! III;'.*" _ .. _ , 

'"' < \ 'II: ; MM! I • ,1 !iiii- - i, ,M t;LL-,^.hjj.M' MM Trr-iMV. tl-'- ^v--\ 

: 1 1 n 1 1 1 1 • ' I . ■ ' I ' . \ "^ I 



OF '76 

Just as the image is perfectly mirrored in the stillness of a quiet 
pool, so too is this endeavor a reflection of this passing year. 
Hectic days will blur this picture, our memories, like a pebble 
dropped upon the smooth surface of the water. Then, in the 
hushed solitude of a mellow evening the pool is calm once again. 

In that same manner, these pages restore that former image, 
sharp and clear. 


Wife*!!/ Ou^:kttfebau*i!/ 


We, the graduating class of 1976, dedicate this yearbook to the memories of Steven Laskof f and William 

Graduation day dawned clear, cool and sunny after a night of furious partying and marching through the dorms. Hangovers were evident every- 
where but the freshness and excitement of the morning brought a new life to the weary seniors. As we moved to our respective meeting places, I felt as 
though I were in a dream. The culmination of four years of hard work and good times was drawing to a close. 

The procession into the tent had the air of a dignified carnival. The harmony of kazoos and pipe organ offered a humorous alternative to the 
traditional melody of "Pomp and Circumstance." It was indeed the most relaxed commencement in many years. 

Guest speaker, Elma Lewis is a splendidly candid and down to earth woman who helped us put the awarding of a diploma in its proper perspective. 
She pointed out the financial rewards attached to the piece of paper, but warned that it did make us any better than a person without it. Education 
should not be a status symbol, but a means to improve ourselves and the social environment we will live in. 

Bill Abraham's speech conveyed a similar message to that of Ms. Lewis'. Bill stressed that education is a personal tool and hinted that our newly 
acquired knowledge could lead to self-destruction. The ovation that Bill received following his brief words was well deserved. 

Graduation ceremonies are traditional, yet we found that amongst the "pomp and circumstance" there was something unique; something just for us. 
Diplomas distributed and the alma mater sung, we proceeded to file out, realizing that what had seemed so far away four years ago had passed. 

Now we are graduates, recipients of a diploma, alumni. To many it was a memorable experience — to others a mere formality. For all it was both an 
end and a beginning. It was the conclusion of a long and difficult climb as well as the commencement of a new start. More than ever now, we are 
conscious of a certain destiny — a destiny we are now equipped to shape into a formidable future. While each of us measures success in differing 
fashions, tempering our knowledge with wisdom should help each of us achieve our goals. 

M.P. and R.C.T. 


Time seems to move a little more slowly when we're not together . . . and 
that gives me more moments to remember all the wonderful experiences we 
have shared ... to dream of all the happiness that is still in store for us. 

Dean Walley 

MAY 22. 1976 

# -*^ 




_. 'ImmI^^^HH! 


^ »► -%« 

«:%f, •< 

**>^<%- "^ 



^ ^^ J^ 











Yesterday's Tomorrows 
fast approach, 

dreams and hopes 
and promises kept. 
Gains and losses, hurts unwept. 
Friends so close and then so far 
are held within one's heart. 
Gatherings past occurred, spontaneous 
or pre-arranged, 
people interacting, 
giving here, 

receiving there, 
sharing their uniqueness. 

Hearty laughter, mellow times, 
lively steppin', voices blendin'. 
Empty mugs and glasses strucn, 
flushed cheeks and blurry eyes, 

tensions eased — 
balloons flying free in the skies. 

required, acquired, desired, 

not just received, but nourished 
and added to, then given back again. 

Many more to feed, 
so much more growth to meet our needs. 
Wisdom gained from doing, listening, 
and making the mistakes of knowing 
too much, too fast, too soon. 
Tremendous gains through the passage of time, 
forever at our heels. 




There is a mythical law of nature 
that the three things we crave 
most in life 

happiness — freedom — peace of mind — are always 
attained by giving them to someone else. 

Peyton Conway March 


It's really happening, we're officially beginning our last year at B.S.C. 

I always awaited this moment . . . but who'd have thought it would 

approach so quickly. 

Convocation Party 




U M. y"' 




^ %rr^ •/;/.'. r-Mv. 


/ \ 

Field Hockey 

This year's Field Hockey team finished off the season with 

three wins, three losses and one tie. This year's squad was 

loaded with fresh new talent packed with promising potential. 

The quality of individual skill was what any coach dreams of 

getting a chance to piece together and mold into a quality 

TEAM. Bridgewater had spurts of "clicking" does not a 

hockey team make. Consistency and teamwork is the key to a 

winning field hockey team. However, as any true athlete 

knows, winning is NOT the only thing (sorry Vince). It is 

only a means to an end and it is the process of achieving that 

means which gives many unexplainable pleasures to the 

athlete. So what did playing field hockey in the fall of 1975 

mean.? Well, for many, this year's field hockey season was 

. . . listening to Maypo's belching symphonies . . . lots of 

mud . . . rushing to supper only to find peanut butter and 

jelly . . . Goma's smiles . . . going all the way to U. Mass. 

only to find more mud ... or traveling to U.R.I, to see your 

very first monsoon . . . stretched muscles . . . flaky but fim 

f roshes . . . the Cleaver Family . . . getting hit in the mouth 

the one and only time you forget your mouthguard . . . sing- 

a-long with stonge on the bus . . . saying high, er hi to 

Esther . . . taking bets on whether Si would make it through 

just one half with falling more than ten times . . . 

motorcades . . . D.Q. bitching . . . wallpapering the locker 

room with psych signs . . . psych signs with questionable 

meanings . . . P.J.'s famous last words, "Are you rated?" . . . 

berries . . . trainers with lots of T.L.C. . . . loyal fans . . . 

K.P.'s field hockey fashion wear . . . getting the scoop . . . 

going for the burner . . . McDonald land . . . and just the 

super good feeling of doing it all with your friends. 





Oct. '75 

^ii 1 n: m m m 

"111 Ml .1! ., i » i ri (^ rw^ n| 

-wj 4X1 ijj !i,.L . UJL i* ml 

*A 1 iiJii;;.f»AA^^' ^/ •'■\ te 




Senior Auction 

1. Mrs. Wheeler (Chemistry) Dinner for two at my home: French cuisine 

2. Dr. and Mrs. Marganian (Chemistry) Entertain two students at "An Evening in Scotland" program: food, music and slides 
3. Scott McNeilly (Computer Services) One case of Budweiser 

4. Prof. Dorothy Wood (Elem. Ed.) Will treat two students to dinner at a nearby restaurant 

5. Prof . Lambiase (Math) One tennis lesson 

6.Dr. Cirino (Biology) Will take two students to dinner at the Red Coach Grill 

7. Dr. Hewitson (Biology) Will play a game of golf with one student 

8.Dr. Wall (Biology) Will play a game of golf with one student 

9.Dr. Jahada (Biology) A canoe trip through the Hocomock Swamp 

10. Prof. Harris (Physics) Dinner and a short 3-D travelog show for two 

11. E. Maier (Earth Sciences) If a boy — a chance to wrestle to a fall. If a girl — a ride on a motorcycle to a restaurant for lunch and then a ride back 
to the college. 

12. Dean Breslin Dinner for 2 at my apartment 

13. Jack and Martha Jones Mystery ride for two, choice of: to the mountains, to the sea, or to the city 

14. Prof. Gross (Phys. Ed.) Dinner for two at Berts in Plymouth 

15. Anthropology Club Yugoslavian bottle 

16. Dave England (Ed.) A night with the stars and planets through his telescope 

17. Dean Deep and Dr. Dan Diethelm Clean one dorm room for Vi hour (they will make the ground rules) 

18. Dean Deep A picture of himself 

19. Dr. King (Ed.) the book "Language Arts in the Elementary School" 

20. Mr. Morwick (Fin. Aid) Will wash your car and supply a six-pack of beer 

21. Thomas Walsh (Registrar) Purchase any book(s) at the College Bookstore for up to a value of $15 

22. Dr. Gurney (Phys. Ed.) Will give V2 hour of sex counseling 

23. Mr. Yeskewicz (Phys. Ed.) Will give Vi hour of free scuba lessons 

24. Dr. Tufts (Phys. Ed.) Will take two people to dinner at Chinese restaurant of their choice 

25. Dr. Trimble (Phys. Ed.) Will donate a cake for any occasion for one person 

26. Prof. Kryzanek (Poll Sci.) Will donate a poster from Santo Domingo 

27. Prof. Clifford (Poli Sci.) Will give one free tennis lesson 

28. Prof. Joyal Made a five dollar donation to the class 

29. Dr. Worden (Elem. Ed.) Dinner for two at Christo's in Brockton 


The fall of 1975 marked the return of varsity soccer at B.S.C. after some 15 

years of abandonment. The season was nothing spectacular as the Bears 

won only a single game of their eight game schedule. However, the team 

played well against some very tough competition, such as powerhouses 

North Adams State and Framingham State. Their lone victory came against 

Roger Williams by a score of 3-2. Coach Jesse Demello took charge of 

conditioning some twenty soccer fanatics and building them into a 

respectable team. At times it was a typical battle of man vs. the elements 

with fierce winds, biting cold and heavy rain. These men who braved the 

monsoons and mud this past fall can look back with pride when the Bears 

once again excel in the sport as they did in the "old days." 



' ■ '->.-'€. 

> ■ ^^^^T"^: 


The 1975 World Series between the Red Sox and the Cinncinnati Reds was the most exciting I have ever seen. There were five one win games 
and two of these were extra inning contests. The other two games were pitching masterpieces by Luis Tiant in game one and I>3n Gullet in game five. 
The series had many good aspects. Hitting, good fielding plays and the enthusiasm of the fans stood out in my mind. 

The game in the series that I feel was the one that hurt the Sox chances of winning the series the most was game two. The Red Sox hatl a 2-1 lead 
going into the ninth inning. The high hopping single over the mound by Dave Concepcion for one run and then Ken Griffey's double to win the 
game was tough to watch. Instead of going to Cincinnati two games up we were tied at one game. If I were to choose what was the most pivotal game 
this would be it. Dick Urago was a pitch away. That's baseball!! Yes, Larry Barnett did make a bad call in game three but our chances of winning game 
two I feel were greater. We were the home team and ahead in the ninth inning in game two. In game three we were tied and away from home and the 
Reds had their last at bat in that disastrous inning. Umpire Barnett with his crew on that call at home plate but he chose to do otherwise. This was a 
mistake. He was concentrating on calling the bailor strike on the thrown pitch and then the throw in the clutch. 

Now we are in the seventh game. The Reds have got to be congratulated on winning for they are a great ball team, but we must be happy with 
the thrills they gave us right to the very end. 

It was only fitting that Carl Yastremzski came to the plate with two out in the bottom of the ninth. Everyone in Bear City from the Rathskeilar 
to the Hill is shouting inside if not out loud . . . "come on Yaz hit it out." The man tried but fell short, but when he says "We will win the World 
Series yet," I'll buy that root hard and wait in anticipation. 

Kevin Galla;;hcr 

■ «- m » 10 

■ ^ 








^* '■■■■■nirTHBB 






'** 1 jl 

^r ' >«^''^H 


H| ^ '<p <^ 




* '^^Sfc '^^l 

^^H^^^^^L * ' L 4 

. I- 

^^■fc >»«r 







Homecoming ... a football game . . . that is . ... 
The players lined up — for tickets for the weekend to come 
Then came the kick-off party, beer, music, dancing 
The cheerleaders gained a f irstdown and rallied on. 
Emerging from the huddle came a queen, a crown, a smile. 
The crowd cheered. «^ 

The band played music by Ramsey Lewis ' " 

While the players scored touchdowns at dorm parties. 
It was half-time and a float parade of great assortment surrounded the field 
"First prize goes to class of 76" shouted the press box. 
With the ending of half-time, the Bears filled the field and fought on. 
Edmund and Curley took over the press box and got the players laughing in 

their huddles. It was quite the Cabaret! 
D.J. Sullivan set his own microphone up in the stands and gathered the alumni 

around him. They made a rowdy crowd. 
Some of the spectators wore Birthday Hats — ready for a celebration. 
Back on the field the BEARS played on. 
Homecoming certainly was a Bridgewater victory! 


of a 



of a 






The Monday afternoon meetings — Right Wayne? 

Homecoming dinner in the Union. 

The Wizard of Maz' 

Grant's flag on Alpha's float. 

The Bicentennial Bears. 

The "Gilligans Island" Gang. 

Cheerleaders — Tucker and his men. 

Jiving with jazz while sipping the brew. 

Next year and the years that will follow will 

be OUR Homecoming. 

We will remember and relive all our times at BSC 

with our friends. 


"A time the alumni remember and the undergrads 

forget too fast." 

Marty Ruegg 

Football is over. It's like when your best friend moves away. The memories will always be there. Marc Kerble 

A football player plays because he loves it and that's the way it should be. Ron Staley 

You don't realize they're gone until the final game is over. Then you begin to feel that you are just a little bit 
older. I've gone through a lot and I can't complain. For without the game of football, my life wouldn't have 

been the same. Bill Leahy 

I always enjoyed it. I might forget a few scores but I'll always remember the people. John Sannicandro 

Football has been paa of my life for so long, and to have it end on such a good season will always give me good 

memories of the sport. Jim Mullen 

When football is over after your senior year, you then realize what it has been to you. Tom Glynn 

This past season was the climax of an enjoyable ten years of football, but most of all was the pleasure of 
working with a great bunch of guys — an incredible unit which lived, loved and laughed together. Guy Levan 

When we came here as freshmen, BSC football was below par. Four years later, the school had its best team 

ever, a fact that we can truly be proud of for the rest of our lives. Bill Nixon 

Football was a part of my life. It has kept my mind at ease and was always something to look forward to. Now 

that it is over, it was an experience words could not match. Mark Hayer 

The '75 season was another learning experience in my life. It was fun, challenging, and difficult. I shall 
remember the season, the players, the agony of defeat and the thrill of victory. Mike Cabral 

I don't know, there's just something about the game that makes me want to play. I guess it's something inside 

me. John O'Connell 




BI TH AY 1.1 




Wm , fH. a" J^^^^H 








4'^ Ck/uStMOS BM 














- ^ 



\ ^ '1 





















Dean of Women, Miss Pope. 
Office, No. 7, Cottage., 

Hours: Week days, 8.30 to 9.15 a. m. 
(School Building); 1.00 to 1.30 p. m. ; 6.15 to 
7.15 p. m. Sundays, 5.15 to 5.45 p. m. ; 7.00 
to 7.30 p. m. 

Special appointments may be made for con- 
ferences during the evening at Office, No. 6, 

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and 
Thursday evenings, students should be in their 
own dormitory at 7.15. 

The first period from 7.15 to 7.55 is observed 
as a social hour. Students should go to their 
own rooms at 7.55. 

On week-end nights, students should be in 
their own dormitories at 8 o'clock. Permis- 
sion to be away from the dormitory after the 
doors are closed must be obtained from the 

Students returning to the dormitories after 
the doors are closed, must register on the slip 
provided for that purpose. 





Study hour, during which quiet is to be 

ttuiintained, shall be observed from 8 to 10 p. 

ni. on Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday, and 

' ' ursday evenings. Students shall remain in 

j- own rooms between these hours. 



Quiet hours shall be observed from 10 p. m. 
til 9 a. m., except on Saturdays and Sunday? 
when quiet must be observed from 10 j). m. to 
I'l u. m. 

On study hour nights, the period from 10 to 
1". l-'i shall be used for quiet preparation for 

Musical instruments shall not be played 
liuring (juiet hours or study hours. 


Before going out of town or away for over 
the week-end, each student should fill out an 
absence slip and place it on the registration 
board in her dormitory. 

Students planning to go out of town <,r tn 
spend the night in places other than their uu rt 
homes must get permission from tht- Dean.i 
Requests for permission should by ;i- 
early as possible. 

Students are not allowed to at tun. i ]<:.: ■■■ 
dances in halls, club houses, or oilu-i- p ,::;,• 
places in Bridgewater, or in adjou^ir.g t'u tis. 

Students planning tt) go (.■an<icir;,i;- !iiii>t( 
register in the Dean's office. IVi-niis^i-.u to; 
go canoeing will be refu.-ed to those who ear,-; 
not swim. Students do not go canoeing "sij 

A student wishing to dfive or motor willi 
man. not a member of her immediate family 
must obtain permission from the Dean. 

Callers may be admitted to the reeepi:.. 
rooms between the hours of 10 a. tn. ai .1 \" p 
m. Except id lis: — Caller-s are not re.'eived lim- 
ing study hours nor after y,4"> \i. ni. on Sun 
days. Men will he admitted to no other |iart 
of the dormitories, and at r,o other tinu 
without chaperonage. 

Many statements both good and bad have been written about the quality of dormitory life at Bridgewater. One thing 
is certain, however. For the duration of the academic year, these cement cities are called "home" by nearly 1200 resi- 
dents. The atmosphere inside these buildings can range from that of the No-Tell Motel to that of St. Anne's convent 
depending on the graciousness or crustiness of the housemother. These women, who appear to be institutions of the 
college, do their best to see to it that no one has any good clean fun. More than six to a room without police supervi- 
sion is a no-no and water fights without a permit could result in dire consequences for the culprits involved. 

In spite of all these efforts, there is much serious partying accomplished throughout the course of the year. Weekends 
begin on Thursday and sometimes Wednesday and with any luck they carry over to the next weekend. Despite reports 
to the contrary, academia is indulged in but only enough to satisfy one's G.E.R.'s. The intrcxiuction of co-ed living to 
the Hill has made this pursuit more difficult but these students involved in the program are persevering. This makes 
the administration happy and keeps the residents from becoming babbling idiots. 

As we can see, the goal of most resident students is to obtain the most enjoyment from their college days while doing 
the least amount of work. Most have no expertise in this technique as freshman. But as the years pass and more time 
is spent in the dorm, the individual becomes more aware of and is eventually caught up in the infectiousness of this 
attitude. In truth it is an art which all have the potential to refine but only a rare few cultivate it successfully. 









The commuter lives a double life. Five days a week, for 
about six hours a day he gets a glimpse of what goes on at 
Bridgewater State. Occasionally, a social event will lure the 
commuter to the college at night, but for the most part, 
commuters tend to keep their friends from home rather 
than "hang around" the Rathskeller and the Bridgewater 
social scene. Their life at Bridgewater is also unknown to 
their friends at home. 

Going to classes and accumulating credits are their main 
interests and considerations at Bridgewater. Some organize 
for commuter rights through the commuter association but 
for the most part, the commuters represent the silent 
majority of the school. They're the ones you see that you 
don't recognize; the ones who "hang" in the commuter 
cafe sipping on a cup of coffee or playing cards between 
classes ; the ones you rarely see at night in the dorms or on 

Jack Keating 










fttS \jm^ SOXinJ&i, Otid tjOu/ tMuS^ 

This Bi-Cencennial Message is broueht to vou by R.C.T. 

Clubs and Organizations 

Class Officers 


Bill Abraham 

Sue Cressen 

Janice Grew 


Marie Thibeault 

Social Director 
Nancy Kipp 

Publicity Director 
Nancy Tcssier 

June Hussey 

Biology Club 

William J. Warren 

Anthropology Club 
Janet L. Tucker 

The Buddy Club, Inc. 
TerranceJ. Brooks 

S.U. Board of Governors 
Dawn L. Armitage 

Mary Jo Ruegg 

Chemistry Club 
Robert L Boehme 

Choral Society 

Herbert W.Menzel, Jr. 

Christian Fellowship 
David S. Carey 


Class of 1976 Marshals 
Maureen Hart 
William F. Campanella 

Class of 1976 SGA Senators 
Patricia A. Barron 
Thomas E. Landry 
Shcrin L. O'Brien 
Mary T. Trahan 

The Comment 
Susan Lawson 

Commuter Association 
Sandra J. Hunt 

Council for Exceptional Children 
David W. Benoit 

Durgin Hall 

Robert C. Mansur 

Eanh Science and Geography Club 

Ensemble Theater Group 
Cheryl L Busky 

Forensic Club 
Ann Britton 

Great Hill 

Barbara J. Hardy 

Hard Times Press 
Hugh MacKinnon 

Hispanie Club 

Judith Bloomquist 

History Club 

Rosanne C. Miconi 

Kappa Delta Phi Fraternity 
Robert E. Kenney 

S.U. Program Committee 
Maureen S. Hart 
Daniel R. Burns 

Kappa Delta Pi 
Patricia A. Barron 

Le Cerele Francais 
Lynn D. Johnson 

Literary Magazine 
Stephen Jennings 

Math Club 

Linda M. Merrill 

Menorah Club 
Lee D. Atlas 

Mens Athletic Association 
Robert C. Mansur 


Susan M. Sharkey 

Organization of Afro-American Students 
Whitfield N. Daley 

Physical Education Majors Club (PEM) 
Milady Khoury 

Political Science Club 
Joseph M. Young 

Pope Hall 

Rita E. Pointon 

Scott Hall 

Thomas E. Landry 

Student Government Association 
Raymond J. Raposa 


Kathleen E. Chase 

Women Helping Others Society 
Maureen Foley 

Women's Recreation Association 
Cheryl Gillis 

Women's Dorm Council 
Paula M. DiNatale 

Sociology Club 

Christopher R. Horgan 

Tillinghast Hall 
Elizabeth F. Smith 

Woodward Hall 

Kathleen M. McPherson 


Listen Program Committee and you shall hear 
The past events in the Union this year. 

j^t started off in the summer of '75 

We were all there after vacation, dead or alive. 

We talked business over a drink or two 

And then we played thumper. Which sign were you? 

The events were set, we were off and running 
Everything was planned, including Homecoming. 

"The Birth of a Nation, The Birth of a School" 
Moe fell off the float, but that was cool. 

"Who cares," said Moe, "Off to Hyannis we go" 
Little to know we'd be the overflow. 

But BSC wasn't lost in the crowd 

We sang "Roll Out The Barrel" real loud. 

To restore our dignity we took a chance 
And brought in the Hartford Ballet to dance. 

We were in such good spirits that we involved 

the children of the town 

For Christmas films with treats all around. 

Guy came as Santa complete with Ho Ho Ho 
But the children descended with mighty blows. 

The Orphan's Party was its annual success 

It is always nice to share with those who have less. 

In January the mood was grim 

For student teaching made our numbers slim. 

But we planned a week of winter fun 
And Godspell turned out to be number 1. 

We also had Ice Follies and a Sleighride 
Complete with no snow, so we improvised. 

To prove ourselves across the nation 
To NEC our delegates did hasten. 

For BSC we made a name 

However, Washington will not be the same. 

Spring arrived with our sleighride snow 
So of f to Hawaii some lucky ones did go. 
(Alas, for the return of the overflow!) 

Returning to campus the cry did raise 

Is it true we've scheduled 98 programs in 100 days.^ 

Our talents stretched over a wide range 
But our lecture series was really strange. 

David Frye was certainly no treat 
In the Union he would not eat. 

James Mapes was here to hypnotize us 
His show on the video made quite a fuss. 

For right before our very eyes 
Ray undressed to our surprise! 

Other talents on the video 

Were produced by Jack and crew in our studio. 

This brings us to our Spring Week 

Which will make our programming year complete. 

Duke, Disco, and a Bike Race, too 
We were sad DJ held so few. 

Although this poem is quite a fright 
All of you are a delight. 

Good-bye to the Seniors — we think you're swell 
Please stop by the Union and tell us you're well. 

Our year will end with a banquet feast 
You've all earned the title 














r jd 











1* ' ^ ^^ 




K^^^^^^ , ^^^•si^ 




■K ' lb) 1 











^^^^^^^r ^^^^1^1 

HI W-' ^H 












Women's Swim 


With the motto of "Do it in the pool" and a record of 1-5, 

it would be easy to say that the 75/76 season was 

unsuccessful. However, statistics do not paint an adequate 

picture of the depth and ability that exists within the team. 

Challenging races and split-second finishes were the order 
of the day and unfortunately the mermaids did always have 
the edge. The squad is young and needs time to build upon 

its present potentials. 

Outstanding contributions were made by Junior co-captain 

Cindy Stewart, Sophomores Kris Lattimer, Sandy Kapp 

and Kathy Ostapower, freshman Sharlene Radazzo and 

diver Jaqui Long. These girls, along with the rest of the 

team can improve their performances next season with 

dedication, enjoyment and practice-practice-practice. The 

team's four seniors, Mary Demello, Chris Pellitier, Lori 

Thornhill and co-captain Eileen McNamara leave with 

warm memories of their participation in swimming at 


Special thanks goes to Coach Bill Walker and his family 
and the BSC fans for their support. 




f ^ 

"% ,.«««»>w«»" •-"•>*««► 

Men's Swim Team 

Over the past four years, swimming at BSC has progressed, expanded, and grown significantly. It has 
changed from a respectable but mediocre level to one of national recognition. The season begins as early 
as the first day of classes in September and is often not completed until the middle of March. Needless to 
say, athletes competing and training during a season of this length need a tremendous amount of motiva- 
tion and dedication. The source of this motivation must come from the athletes themselves. It is this 
kind of self-inspiration that creates a feeling of strong team unity. 

The 1975-76 season produced BSC's second consecutive year of national representation. The highlight of 
this year's national competition was the awarding of an All America Certificate to Captain Mike Arse- 
nault for his 11th place finish in the 100 yard freestyle. Arsenault is the first All America swimmer at 

Over the past four years, the swim team has achieved a 34-14 record. Seniors on the team are Bill Fletcher 
and Alan Johnston. These students have achieved successful college swimming careers. With only two 
graduating seniors on the team, BSC swimming has a bright future. 



The Bridgewater State College hockey team went through a difficult year after beginning with a very promising group of skaters. Head Coach Ed Con- 
nors and his assistant. Bill Norman worked hard with the squad, and, through the first four games, saw signs of improvement and potential unlike that 
ever assembled here before. The final game of the first semester was to provide the young Bears their first test of a strong Division II opponent but it 
became a foreboding omen for the remainder of the season. The team travelled to West Point, N.Y. to play Army only to be demoralized by a 14-1 loss. 
Then between semesters occurred the loss of seven players due to academic eligibility depleting the roster and placing great pressure on the remaining 
members of the team. 

The balance of the season consisted of a string of tough close games, four going into overtime, only one reaching a decision. In this long period between 
victories the members of the team never let down, never stopped working. There were many problems over the course of the season: injuries to key 
players, among them Don Smith, Bill Humphrey and Squeak Hanlon, minor injuries which resulted in players competing at less than 100% and the flu 
which hit everyone at some point during the year. No one would blame the injuries or any other problems for the disappointing record. Rather, all things 
considered, the efforts made by each and every member of the team over the course of the season were courageous and inspired. The team will be losing 
three seniors: Captain Chuck Healey, a four year veteran who played defense and left wing. Captain Jack Foley, also a four year veteran who played goal 
and the Joe Bird, a two year veteran who played right wing. 


II wJmgm } 


^^ ^ 


_- t 


The 1975-76 Bridgewater State Basketball season was one that could be termed a "rebuilding year" as its 9-l4 record might indicate. 
Losing four of its first six players due to graduation, the team was comprised mainly of underclassmen who gained valuable playing 
experience. The three graduating seniors, John Grazewski, Steve Jantz, and Mark O'Connor, contributed their experience and leadership 
which proved valuable to the team. Losing the top four scorers from last year's team, offense proved to be a major problem. Only one 
player averaged over ten points per game but the rest of the scoring was evenly distributed throughout the remainder of the team. 

The overall quickness of the team was its major asset, which was most evident in the team they played. It was the strong pressure 
defense that kept the team in many games throughout the year. After losing their first three games to the top three league contenders, the 
Bears bounced back to win their next three games. But the long layoff at semester break seemed to hurt the team as they could not mount 
a consistent winning streak in the second half of the season. The Bears ended up with a 7-9 record in the Massachusetts State Conference 
where all eight teams proved to be very strong. The highlights of the year included wins over powerful North Adams, Nichols, and 
Salem State proved that when they "put it all together," the Bears were capable of beating anyone they played. 


7 m^SBElim 
^ 4 





Time Out 


1 t 


The Bridgewater wrestling grizzlies broke the varsity ice this year with four wins and six losses. Our new coach, Steven Cowell of Brockton, added the 
ingredients to win four of our last five matches. The first few losses were due to our half-team membership early in the season. But after semester 
break, new recruits began showing their moves on the mat. Lack of gym space and competition for the gym with other teams allowed only a minimal 
practice time. But as the end of the season grew, practice sessions were being worked out and better performances resulted from all the grizzlies. 

With victories taken from Maine Maritime, Tufts, Holy Cross and Emerson, the others were closely contested. The team looks quite competent for 
next year since the team is losing team captain John Mondor. The stars of the season reflected good records and show better potential for a winning 
season next year. 


Among the wrestlers and their records were 126-lb. 
Tim Townsend (3-1). 134-lb. class Jerry Oakman (1-3), 
150-lb. Roger Tremblay (6-4), 15-lb. Joe Jordan (2-7), 
167-Ib. John Mondor (3-3), 177-lb. John Angelini (7- 
2), 191 Eric Brunelle (5-1), and heavyweight John Nad- 
worny (6-4). Among the super-stars, John Angelini 
proved to be superior in defeating the majority of his 
opponents by pins. John, next year's co-captain, also 
placed 2nd and 3rd in various AAU tourneys. Neck and 
neck with John and our new captain, Eric Brunelle 
proved his prowess with four pins. He placed second in 
the 191 -lb. class in the NEICW Tournament at MIT. 

Honorable mentions to John Nadworny and Roger 
Tremblay for contributing many points to the team and 
remaining respectable records. 

"Wrestle quick . . . Wrestle tough . . . Wrestle 
smart but . . . have respect! Good Luck, keep healthy 
and keep the grizzlie spirit roaring!" 


Captain John Mondor 





MgMewB UM i amiit .- 



TILLY — Waiting in long lines for Salisbury steak three times a week — Being greeted 
every morning with a smile by Gloria — Being starved but settling for a salad — Always 
finding at least three flavors of pink ice cream — Going back for seconds on spaghetti 
sauce — Waiting for someone to find the right radio station — Stuffing late night 
snacks into your pockets or any other hiding place — Singing "Happy Birthday" almost 
every night — Setting your silverware so that it can be all dumped in the same tray for 
the dishwasher — Specializing — Finding what's on for the night. 

TILLY — It was more than a dining hall, it had to be. It was the heart of Bridgewater. 



For the Women's Basketball Team, 1976 was a year that will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the 
most successful in the history of women's sports here at Bridgewater. This year's J.V. and Varsity squads 
fortified the longstanding tradition of high quality women's basketball and proved themselves to be a 
perennial powerhouse in years to come. 

The J.V., under first year coach Diane Sednah, literally ran past every opponent they faced this season, 
ending with a perfect 9-0 record. Captained by sophomore Mary Jane Muello, the spirited J.V.'s com- 
bined talent, hustle and desire to completely dominate every contest. The future of Women's Basketball 
looks very bright with the upcoming talent from the unbeaten J.V.'s. 

With promises of one of the best teams ever, the varsity faced the 1976 season. After recording a rather 
disappointing 6-5 record in 1975, nine returning veterans, an outstanding junior varsity player, a senior 
returnee after a year's absence, and a 6'2" freshman center formed this year's varsity squad armed with 
unlimited potentiality. When it was over, a short ten weeks after it began, the team boasted a 10-4 record, 
ending the season with an invitation to the E.A.I.A.W. Regional Tournament in Cortland, N.Y. More 
importantly, for which the team and the whole school should be proud, the women's varsity, coached by 
Dr. Regina Gross, brought the M.A.I.A.W. Division I championship home to Bridgewater State for the 
second straight year. For the seniors, Gina Silva, Jackie Dunphy, and captain Barbara Stevens, it was a 
perfect ending to their basketball careers at BSC. 


" / 





[^^.. , A^^ 




^ ^ 




1 „-^ f!*tg-^i 






. - *<MM|>y/ 



•^^ 4. J' ^ 

ipiy '' --'} 











pp ,ppp^^^^,,^gpp. 

*- . » 






l« Kill 



100 Day 














m'"' i * "^^w^K^-^ kU 

1 ^^^i t 



i^Si^ -J 





50 Days to Go! 

» • 


K-t^^-^^BIfe "*». 


/ /■ 
















Hill Day 



Women's Softball 







"^w r 


\\ ^ > 


^' ^•***^„^ i 

iJfLJl ^ij/ <y ^i^^ •^^'^ 







«f '^. 



Spring Weekend 













Dear Col lege K^ds 

'e hooe we wmThanl^ 

ie lews anc 

or senainq 

• ) '• ■ 'i '' '' I 




■&>fca ivu nim 

»ft 10 



Monday, May 10 

Junior- Senior Send-off with FATE 

Saturday, May 1 5 

Red Sox vs. Milwaukee at Fenway Park 

Sunday, May 16 

Senior Co-ed Softball Game Prizes: 1st Keg, 2nd Vi Keg, 3rd 1 case 

Sunday, May 16 

Senior Night in the Rathskeller 

Monday, May 17 

Martha's Vineyard Trip 

Tuesday, May 18 

Booze Cruise in Boston Harbor i 

Wednesday, May 19 

Senior Clambake at Horseneck Beach 

* 1 

Thursday, May 20 

Senior Dinner Dance at Ridder Country Club, Whitman 

Band — TOGETHER r 


Friday, May 21 

Senior Zero Countdown Party with D.J. Sullivan 


eSNfOR/ WEao 1 976 

Senior week began in fine style with the Red Sox beating the Brewers 7-2 on a bright and sunny Saturday afternoon. Sen- 
iors exhausted themselves Sunday playing softball for a keg of beer. That night, a band in the Rat seemed to set the stage 
for a great week ahead. THEN THE RAINS CAME. 

Monday dawned grey and dismal for the Martha's Vineyard trip but the elements didn't stop the majority from enjoying 
the boat ride and the island. Carly Simon showed up before the ride back to give an added lift to the day's journey even 
though she declined an offer to sing at graduation. Miraculously, the wetness held off for the booze cruise in Boston Har- 
bor, though it is doubted that anyone would have noticed the rain at that time, anyway. In fact, a few souls did not 
even notice the boat. It was a good chance to catch a good buzz and sing some dirty songs in pure Bridgewater fashion. 
Things seemed to be picking up but Mother Nature had thrown us a curve because the following day, winter weather set 
in for the clan bake with 40 degree temperatures and gale winds forcing us off Horseneck Beach. However, the seniors 
were not to be denied. They rallied and made the most of the surroundings, spreading beach blankets on the hardwood 
floor and emptying their beer filled coolers. Thursday brought better weather, because there were no outside activities 
planned. The Monsoon had passed. That night, Ridder Club hosted the dinner-dance combining an excellent smorgasboard 
with some fine dance music by Together. All things considered, D. J. was the star of the week and he graduated us in fine 
Bridgewater style. D. J. is not an event; he is a state of mind — drunk. 

Some 300 seniors drank and sang their hearts out beginning with Pomp and Circumstance (on the kazoo's), and ending 
with the Boxer. This was the last time everyone would probably party together and everyone made the most of it. The mad 
breakfast that followed mellowed out the entire evening, giving us a break from the frenzy of D. J. and sending us out to 
party the final night away. 


















ft! i 







11 *1 





iiiiwyii iiiiimi 



MAY, 21, 1976 


fliiiilir. 1 






^ ^ 






r 1 
















; ^i^H 

i * 















'^ttrVP ^ 



BL|^!^^"' C" 








i: ^.- • 


^k :^ "•' A 







By M. B. 
Fotw/ ye^us offnv^ fe^f {iau^Sf)e*cfc 


U/fi/'u^ sdoW/ ouyi/joys Cboi sact*iess to^etim/ — 

k»JOWMJ^ cMt(>0^iOm>HijOdbowuilM^WOu^ 



Tb(vsoow/tfc^c<xiMfi/to/aM/eAiiaaitiOiu/f [ia4j^S04Me/(uisC|ujtUiC|S — 

f sfiou&t lijcw^ op^jn&ij iwj eyes o/ fettfe b£t iat<fc/i/to/see/. 

f M^go^aia(Uj j^io*M/ tilts f)8aiCe/a/fettfe/b£tuttSe/i/ - 
f'Stfefififitiifi/i^itewcktiuit/f luxue/ c8ose/tD/me^. 









For the teachers: 


If a child lives with criticism. 

He learns to condemn. 
If a child lives with hostility. 

He learns to fight. 
If a child lives with ridicule. 

He learns to be shy. 
If a child lives with shame. 

He learns to feel guilty. 
If a child lives with tolerance. 

He learns to be patient. 
If a child lives with encouragement. 

He learns confidence. 
If a child lives with praise. 

He learns to appreciate. 
If a child lives with fairness. 

He learns justice. 
If a child lives with security. 

He learns to have faith. 
If a child lives with approval, 

He learns to like himself. 
If a child lives with acceptance, 

and friendship. 
He learns to find love in the world. 



— Dorothy Law Nolte 

%^l? *. 


UVTo follow 
So long as 
it rises. 



!^!^iri iftg Wiivsinf rommmrr Puutt, is macon st boston mass 

Will The Real B.S.C. Please Stand Up 

Unfortunately most yearbooks fail to present the chronicle of the passing year in its true perspec- 
tive. For the most part they focus their attention on the happy times which naturally are the high- 
lights of any school year. We know, however, that the reality of life is not always so pleasant as the 
happy, drunk, smiling faces of our friends might lead us to believe. In this respect most yearbooks do 
us some injustice and I'm sure that I would not be the first to admit that this past year (or past four 
years) was no bed of roses. 

The day to day life of the average Bridgewater student is less than exciting and sometimes painful. 
Taking notes and studying for finals has never been high on anyone's list of things to see and do at 
B.S.C. At the same time, flu epidemics and occasional ptomaine from the caf . do their best to under- 
mine the learning process. As if this combination weren't enough to send us to the emotional pits, 
we had the deaths of Bear and Steve to make us conscious of each person's vulnerability. 

In its handbook, B.S.C. claims to prepare us for the "outside world." If this training entails the 
acceptance of name calling and criticism by housemothers and administrators, then Bridgewater has 
done its job. In addition, we are led by the hand for four years until we are graciously "let go" by the 
benevolence of almighty Boyden at a ceremony called commencement which doesn't even belong to 
the graduates. The only response from the administration is that we are "not capable of handling 
responsibility" which in truth was never delegated to us in the first place. 

The purpose of these ramblings is not to belittle the immense amount of good times that we all 
shared. It is merely a look at the true existence of a Bridgewater student in order to give a more well- 
rounded picture of campus life this past year. We're all just hackin' around each day trying to grab 
whatever education we can for all the hard earned bucks that we've poured into this establishment. I 
guess this might better be a tribute to all of you who did receive your diplomas in spite of all this 
adversity. I congratulate you. 






IIK — - ■ 


ism^v^ ''SK^jSPi? 


^ ' ' k -^M 

t, ^ j^i ^ <i ^h ^^^^H 

• *^|Fm*^^^^ * ^^1 

v'^^^^'^yjSL^' ' ^^'^^i ']^H 

'^*t^iVI^^ ^^V^tfVA. ' ai^'^^l 

^^H 'J<'.§i^''^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l 

15^^ J^'^"^ 



■ ^2^ 



■i. A 11 L A 











JLrr— • - »- --Ja". ' w 


Give me a fish and I eat for a day, 
Teach me to fish and I eat forever. 

The Bible 


William J. Abraham 

Maryanne Airozo 

Susan Alborghetti 

Kathleen Alger 

Jeanne M. Allaire 

Arthur Allanbrook 

Robert F. Allison 

Lydia Amaral 

Thomas G. Almeida 

Cheryl M. Anderson 

David J. Anderson 

Harold Anderson 

John R. Anderson 

Kathleen Anderson 

Nanq^ R. Anderson 

Deborah J. Anderson 

Denise G. Andrews 

Helena M. Anttila 

Christine Archibald 

Dawn L. Armitage 

Patricia Arruda 

John W. Babine 

Lisa K. Baglione 

Gail M. Bagnulo 

Joanne Bailey 

Mary L. Balzotti 

Lori C Barner 

Sheila A. Barnwell 

Patricia Barron 

Elisabeth Bates 

Richard R. Beaudoin 

Karen A. Beaulieu 




David W. Benoit 

June A. Benoit 

Janet A. Bernard 

Kathleen Berube 

Lynn M. Berube 

David A. Beshara 

Doreen E. Bird 

Gerard C. Bliss 

Gil Bliss 

Judith M. Bloomquist 

Robert L. Boehme 

Kathleen Bohner 

Marianne Boisvert 

Patrice L. Bolea 

Deborah A. Boles 

Dennis G. Bollea 

Mary D. Bordinelli 

Sally A. Borecki 

Nanq^ B. Boyne 

Gary E. Bouley 

Clare M. Brady 

Mary Anne Breslin 

Ann Britton 

Brenda Brockbank 

Terry Brooks 

^A> \:; 

Constance Bryan 

Donald Buckley 

Heidi A. Burke 

Donna L. Burrell 

Virginia Byrne 

Michael E. Cabral 

Thomas Cabral 

Mary C. Caizza 

Diane M. Camacho 

William F. Campanella 

Mary E. Campbell 

242 Lauretta Capezio 

David S. Carey 

Paula J. Carlson 

Marie C. Carney 

Denise Carrara 

Jean M. Carroll 

Wendy L. Carter 

Mark S. Carrier 

Deborah S. Case 

Darlene Cassie 

Joanne L. Cassulo 

Richard T. Castle 

Marie A. Castro 

.-Xm. I. 

Pamela J. Caswell 

Donna M. Caulfield 243 

Albert R. Cavanagh 

Linda Cella 

Cathy Cerce 

Kathleen Chase 

John C. Chiodetti 

Michael Cichon 

244 Robert Ciullo 

Beatrice Clancy 

Joseph P. Clark 

Gail M. Coakley 


Marian T. Coakley 

Denise Coburn 

Susan M. Cody 

Barry D. Cohen 

Clifton M. Colby 

Linda C. Cole 

Michael A. Collins 

Richard B. Collins 

Susan M. Collins 


Kathleen Colmer 

Diane M. Colyer 

Jean M. Comita 

Kathy M. Conrad 













^^^^^^P' '^ 


1^ s- 


Jean J. Connelly 

Louise Conner 

Paula A. Cordeire 

Debra P. Coose 

Joanne Cotter 

Richard T. Cotter 

Joseph A. Courq^ 

Lisa L. Courcy 

Ann M. Couture 

Beverly Coyle 

Jo Anne E. Coyle 

Jeanne A. Coyne 

Jean Crosby 

Karen Lee Crosby 


Susan E. Crossen 

Janice T. Crowley 

Linda C. Cummings 

Elizebeth Cunnif f 

/ / I 


Linda M. Currie 







>* if ''•^ ■BP^^hIb 

Jayne M. Curry 

Paula R. DaCosta 

Theresa Dalton 

Mark P. Daniel 





Ladrindo DaGraca 



^^^^V^ d 


Mi^^^^^^^^^^^^H^ M 

Beverly G. 

Dau ! 

Rebecca L. Davidson 

Eric A. Davis 

Shiela Davis 

Margaret DeCouto 

Janet M. Dee 

Donna M. DelMonaco 

Jill A. DeLorey 

Mary M. DeMello 


Marianne Demski 

Kathleen Deroche 

Lee A. Deslaurier 

Diane L. Desresiers 

Kathleen Desresiers 

Dorothea Dif alco 

Debra A. Dinardo 

Paula Dinatale 

Michael R. Diodati 


Marilyn L. Dipucchio 

Gabriel Dirkalidis 

Joseph W. Dixon 

Linda J. Doherty 

Laureen A. Dolloff 

Susan E. Donaghey 

Karen A. Dooley 

'''-7} \ 

Ann M. Doucette 

Patricia Doyle 

Denise R. Doyon 

Gretchen Drain 


Marjorie Furze 

Carol Friel 

Linda Fullerton 

Kathleen Freeman 


252 Delia M. Francisco 

James J. Fraher 

Susan J. Foster 

Thomas M. Droukas 

Denise R. Dudutis 

Kathleen Duffy 

Mary Duggan 

Veronica Dunn 

Robert W. Dunne 

Mary J. Dunphy 

Diane A. Duphily 

Susan C. Dupont 

Barbara A. Dutton 

Constance Dwane 

Charles W. Eager 253 

Joanne N. Eddy Karen M. Edwards Kenneth L. Edwards 

Andrea Farrell 

Jayne E. Fedele 

Evelyn H. Ferioli 

Hilda F. Fernandes 

Cheryl A. Ferreira 

Daniel J. Ferreira 

Veneranda Ferreira 

Marian G. Ferrick 

Elaine M. Figueiredo 

Susan A. Fillion 

Jennifer Fisher 255 

Sandra A. Fisher 

Susan J. Fisher 


MaryEllen Flaherty 

William D. Fletcher 

Barbara A. Flynn 

■fe^^xt" T 






, /^' „;. 

Linda L. Fogg 

James P. Foley 

256 John F. Foley 

Theresa A. Foley 

Janet M. Fontinka 

Paul F. Gabriel 

Mary Gabrity 

Susan C. Galarneaux 

Ellenmari Gallagher 

Richard Gallagher 

Joyce A. Gamble 

Shirley A. Garabedian 

Kenneth P. Gay 

Linda J. Gellatly 

Joanne Gendreau 

Joseph V. Genovese 


Barbara A. Germaine 

Karen E. Gervais 

Kathleen Gibbons 

Valerie J. Gill 


Cheryl A. Gillis 

William J. Giordano 

Thomas J. Glynn 

Andrea F. Golden 

Nancy E. Gomes 

Cynthia L. Goss 

Wayne P. Goudreault 

Patricia Gould 

Sandra L. Gould 

Ann M. Graney 

Donna Gray 

John J. Grazewski 259 

Linda E. Greenberg 

Charlotte Greenhalgh 

Elizabeth Gregory 

Janice M. Grew 

Gina M. Guasconi 

Raymond N. Guay 

Joan Gunn 

Diane M. Gunther 


Linda R. Gustaf sor 

Virginia Haddad 

Nancy A. Hall 

Jacquelin Hamilton 

Raymond V. Hand 

Barbara A. Haney 

Pamela A. Hanif y 

Nancy M. Hanlon 

Cynthia A. Harris 

ill " 

David R. Hart Maureen S. Hart 

\ i' m 

Kathleen Harwood 

Judith L. Haskell 


Susan W. Hawes 

Mark P. Hayer 

Susan E. Hayes 

Charles F. Healey 

Linda M. Healy 

Richard D. Heath 

Ellen M. Hef fernan 


Philip J. Hef fernan 

Sheila M. Henderson 

Cynthia A. Hendrickson 

Margaret Hjerpe 

Paula A. Holden 

Kathleen Holleran 

Edna G. Hollander 

Esther S. Holmes 

Peter A. Holt 

Sherran Hopkins 

Donna L. Houlker 

Paul J. Howard 

William P. Howley, Jr. 

Paula C. Huden 


Richard A. Hudson Jr. 

Patricia Hunt 

Eva E. lanniello 

Carol Irr 

Elizebeth Jackson 

Patricia Janelle 


Steven T. Jantz 

Susan Jarvi 







"^' \ 

^ ^m 




Paula E. Jennings 

Diane M. Jewell 

Janice M. Jezak 


Christine Johnson 

Claudia A. Johnson 

Martha A. Johnson 

Sandra L. Johnson 

Susan Johnson 

Alan M. Johnston 

Brian S. Jones 

Jean I. Jones 265 

Richard J. Jones 

Daniel P. Joseph 


Olivia Joseph 

Michael A. Joy 

Donna L. Jussecome 

Ronda A. Kalman 

Deborah Kasper 

Gerard J. Kates 



Elizebeth Keetley 

William M. Kelleher 

^7/ II \/. 

Karen S. Kelley 

Debra A. Kelly 

Kathleen Kelly 

Lou Anne Kelly 

Patricia Kennedy 

Mary C. Kenney 

Marc J. Kerble 

Jack J. Kerzner 


Milady E. Khoury 

Howard F. King III 

Michael A. King 

David L. Kingsford 267 

Thomas F. Kinsman 

Allan M. Kittner 

Ellen V. Koch 

Irene Korabowski 

Patricia Kosciuszek 

Susan G. Kowinski 

Jane T. Koziol 

i\ m 



Mary P. Kruger 

Esther E. Kreimer 

Mary J. Landgraf 

Deborah M. Lang 

Janine M. Langlais 

Steven R. Larosee 

Hans T. Larsen 

Jane E. Latak 

Kathleen Laverty 

Susan E. Lavimonier 

Janet C. Lawless 

William Leahy 269 

Susanne H. Leary 

Carolyn M. LeBlanc 

Nanq^ M. Ledin 

Roberta L. Legg 

Deborah L. Leaman 

Margaret Leof fler 

Donna M. Lepine 

270 Guy F. Levan 

Anne M. Levesque 

Stephen B. Lewis 

Karen M. Lindley 

Charles J. Liolios 

Janet P. Locke 

Beth A. Lomasney 

Katherine Lopes 

Kathryn Lopes 

Wendy J. Lucia 

Gina M. Lynch 

John R. Lynch 

Michael E. Lynch 

Nancy M. Lyons 

Mary Jane MacDonald 

Peter F. Macdonald 


Douglas R. MacFarland 

Susan A. Mackey 

Katherine Mackie 

Nancy E. MacNeil 

Elaine Mador 

Nancy B. Mahoney 

Stanley A. Makowski 

Margaret Mancuso 


Paul J. Mandeville 

Donna M. Mansolilli 

Mary S. Mara 

William E. Mara 

Janice M. Marcelonis 

Stephen T. Margarite 

Charles D. Marotta 

Marlene Marrocco 

Jane L. Marshall 

Martha E. Marshall 

Carolyn M. Martin 

Nancy L. Martin 

Patricia Martin 

Eve Masiello 273 

Catherine Mason 

Debra K. Mason 

Judith Masteron 

Debra A. Matthias 

Pamela E. Mayer 

Mark K. McCluskey 

James M. McCormick 

274 Patricia McCormick 

Kathleen McDeed 

Mary E. McDonald 

Sue A. McEndy 

Catherine McFarland 

Robert McGann 

Kathleen McGerigle 

James A. McGowan 

George A. McKenna II 


''"'*• j^^^Kt 


^t^ ^t*^ 


»!P*\ hP^ 






iiliiiiiiii iiiiMii 

»^ r JHIIfc 



Kathryn A. McKenna 


^K — .^M^^^^^^^K 

■L tak m 


^^^^^^^H ^^^T^^^^^^^^^^^^l 

Jeam F. Mclean 

Brian J. McNamara 

Eileen M. McNamara 

Steven B. McQua^^ 

Susan M. Meade 

Lauren Mehl 

Linda Mello 

Janice M. Mendes 

Jean M. Moakley 

Janet Monet 

Elisa F. Monteiro 

Mary^ellen Moran 

Janice Y. Moraux 

Charles D. Moreira 

Kathleen Morey 

Diane L. Morgan 

Laura M. Morgan 

Suzanne M. Morrell 

Michael W. Morris 

Jane A. Morrissey 

Patricia Moschella 277 

Janet E. Mott 

Kathleen Moura 

Priscilla Muehlen 

Ann T. Murphy 

Robert F. Murray 

Nancy A. Nadeau 

Patrick D. Nally 

Jeanne P. Neault 


Charles L. Nechtem 

Sandra J. Nelson 

Ann T. Newman 

James Nicoletti 

William T. Nixon 

Jill M. Normadin 

Barbara E. O'Brien 

Kathleen O'Brien 

Patricia O'Brien 

Sheila O'Brien 

Sherin O'Brien 

John P. O'Connell 279 

Kathleen O'Connor 

Mary R. O'Connor 

Paul Q. O'Donnell 

Linda A. Olson 


Dennis F. O'Neil 

Janet M. Orlando 

Patricia O'Rourke 

Maria L. Pacheco 


Cynthia M. Panagakos 

Joanne C. Pankowski 

Pamela A. Paquette 

Neil J. Pare 

Karen M. Peirce 

Christine Pelletier 

Rhonda M. Pemberton 

Joyce G. Penny 

Nancy Perry 

Janis Perterson 

Lauren Peyton 

Donna J. Phillips 

^^^^HH^^K> % 

^^^^K "^ '»~ IMW 

^B^iy^ V 




Lmda L Piekielnia 

Albert Pietrantonio 

Laura A. Pineu 

James B. Pinzari 281 

John Pires 

Ronald P. Piscatelli 

Eva P. Piscitelli 

Mark J. Poirer 

Paula J. Poling 

Catherine Poudrier 

i 1/ 

Pamela W. Prescott 

Edward H. Priest 


Stephen A. Prophet 

Mary G. Punch 

Barbara A. Putnam 

Doreen Quintiliani 

Susan J. Rak 

Dorothy R. Ray 

Florence Reid 

Ann L. Reinhagen 

Lee A. Reinhalter 

Peter J. Retos 

Diane M. Ribeiro 

Jane E. Riendeau 

Karen F. Riendeau 283 

Susan E. Rist 

Richard D. Rivers 

Robert R. Robbins 

Louise A. Robitaille 

Josephine Roche 

Jane M. Rogers 

Judith A. Rolli 

Susan A. Rose 


Robert A. Rossetti 

Deborah H. Roth 

Mary J. Ruegg 

Daniel J. Rugg 

John P. Rull 

Mary T. Ryan 

Deborah R. Sadler 

John P. Salamon 

Ira B. Sallen 

Diane Sangarmano 

John J. Sannicandri 

Caryn Sanson 

Debra L. Schlegel 

Karen A. Scholtes 

Lynne Schultz 

Cynthia M. Scott 285 

Roy M. Seitsinger Jr. 

Janice L. Semple 

Michelle Sevigny 

Susan M. Sharkey 


izabeth Shea 

Carol A. Sheehan 

Joseph Sheehan 

Vincent F. Sia 

Peter Sietine 

Anthony Silva 

Pamela Silva 


Regina A. Silva 

Joseph R. Silvi 

Pamela M. Simas 

Deborah Simmons 

Barbara Simon 

Joanne L. Simpson 

Michael Slamon 

Curtis M. Slocum 

Debra J. Smith 287 

Elizabeth Smith 

Judith L. Smith 

Marilyn E. Smith 

Andrea M. Sousa 

Kathleen Souza 

Theresa M. Souza 

Virginia Spellman 

Carolyn J. Spence 

288 Marcia A. Spencer 

Howard J. Sperling 

Ronald L. Stahley 

David A. Staples 



Janet A. Steeves 

Cynthia L. Stetson 

Barbara A. Stevens 

Michael A. Stevens 

Karen Stivaletta 

Charles Stockbridge 

Cheryl C. Strawn 

Susan J. Strzesak 

Beverly Studebaker 

Robert G. Surette 

Laurel S. Swanson 

Jacquelin Sylvia 

Beth G. Taber 

Dorothy E. Tameo 

Joanne M. Tarpey 

Marie F. Tatro 

Lucy M. Tavares 

Colleen A. Taylor 

Annabeth Tenbroeck 

Nanq^ Tessier 

Michelle Tetreault 

Marie E. Thibault 

Jeffrey E. Thorn 

Gary P. Thomas 

Karen Thompson 

Elizabeth Thompson 

Maryanne Thompson 

Lorraine Thurnhill 

Charles P. Tobey 

Maureen C. Tobin 

Gail A. Touchette 

Marguerit Trahan 

Mary T. Trahan 

Janet L. Tucker 

Paula A. Tukesbrey 

Thomas R. Turco 

Katherine Tyndall 

Elaine M. Vass 

Lawrence Venezia 

John E. Vercollone 

Richard A. Verville 

Donna A. Viera 

Marion Viera 

James P. Von Euw 

Peter L. Voono 


Joseph J. Wadland 

Terri A. Wainor 

David A. Walbourne 

Linda Walker 

Diane M. Walsh 

Henry M.Walsh Jr. 

Kf ' ^^hI 






■ "J 




^^L ""i 



Susan C. Wanner 

Dolores Ware 

Paul E. Warner 

Christine Warren 

Willian J. Warren 

Carol A. Watterson 

Christine Wegluwski 

Stacey A. Welch 



^B''* f^^ 



■ <t^ J 



^^^^^^^L fl 



^^^K ^^^^m 







Eileen E. West 

Evelyn M. West 

Susan M. Wetherbee 

Nancy A. White 

,4i f '£ 

Linda Wilkinson 

Cheryl Williams 

Karen Wishnef sky 

Donna D. Withey 

Julie A. Wolge 

Lois T. Wood 

Stacey A. Wood 

Douglas Woodworth 

Paula S. Yale 

Jolynne M. Yucka 

Marilyn V. Zagarella 

Jane Anne Zdon 

Jean M. Zirngiebel 

Joan Zora 

Debora-Jane Totten Foley 

Id ' 

As our years at B.S.C. rapidly draw to a close we might do well to reflect 
on the significance of the time that we have spent here. Although it 
might be a matter of public debate as to whether we've actually learned 
anything, I think we can safely assume that each of us has acquired an 
appreciable sum of knowledge from our academic work. Socially, the 
friendships that have been formed will be tested as we go our separate 
ways. This separation from the people that we've grown close to places 
us in a strange paradox — that of not wanting to leave but also realizing 
that we couldn't stand to be here for another year. We all hope that the 
ties which have been established will remain as strong as they are at the 
present time. 

We have all made achievements, some more outstanding than others, 
and we will continue to do so when we leave; that is the expectation of 
our society. However, it is important that the quest for these rewards 
not so totally consume the individual that self identity is lost. Forfeit of 
one's identity for personal acclaim is the height of self -betrayal. The ini- 
tial impact of rewards brings us into the public eye and makes us feel 
great for a while but this elation fades all too quickly until only the 
award winner in cognizant of his accomplishment. Personalities, on the 
other hand, linger far longer in the mind and bring into focus the true 
person long after the glitter of an award has passed. Therefore, we 
might do well to concentrate on these areas of our individual selves that 
need improvement. For ultimately it's not what we do that covints; it's 
who we are. 


Abraham, William J., 19 Westborough St., Worcester, 

MA, Elem. Ed. 
Airozo. Maryanne, 306 Wood St., New Bedford, MA, 

Elem. Ed. 
Alborghetti, Susan K., French 
Allaire, Jeanne M., French 
AUanbrook, Arthur, 27 Spring Hill Ave., Bridgewater, 

MA, Elem. Ed. 
Allison, Robert F., 9 Dana Rd., Peabody, MA. History 
Amaral, Lidia, 1035 New Boston Rd., Fall River, MA, 

Elem. Ed. 
Ames, Anthony T., Sociology 
Anderson, Cheryl M., Elem. Ed. 
Anderson, Christine R., Special Ed. 
Anderson, David J., Physical Ed. 
Andedson, John R., 94 Cameron Rd., Norwood, MA, 

Anderson, Kathleen M., Biology 
Anderson, Kathleen M., RED # 2 Winter St., 

Middleboro, MA, Elem. Ed. 
Anderson, Nancy R., Special Ed. 
Anderson Jr., Harold J., Sociology 
Andrews, Deborah J., 256 Chestnut St., New Bedford, 

MA, Special Ed. 
Anttila, Helena M., Comm. Arts and Sci. 
Archibald, Christine K., Elem. Ed. 
Ard, Catherine F., Sociology 
Armitage, Dawn L., 73 Plymouth Ave., Braintree, MA. 

Physical Ed. 
Arruda, Patricia A., 188 Cottage St.. Fall River. MA, 

Aucoin, Dolores A., English 
Azulay.Joan E.. 38 Cyress Rd., Pembroke. MA, Special 

Babine, John W., 29 Mac7 St., Amesbury, MA., Elem. 

Bagge, Anne E., 28jennings Dr., Raynham. MA, 

Baglione, Lisa K., Psychology 
Bagnulo, Gail M., Elem. Ed. 

Bailey, Joanne, 362 East St., Brockton, MA, History 
Balzotti, Mary L., Elem. Ed. 
Banville, Maurice R., Special Ed. 
Barner, Lori C, 81 Clark St., Dedham, MA, Elem. Ed. 
Barnes, Patrick M., Comm. Ans and Sci. 
Barnwell, Sheila A., 117 Lewis Ave., Somerset. MA, 

Barron, Patricia A., 25 Forbes Ave.. Burlington, MA, 

Elem. Ed. 
Bartoloni, Mary A., 47 Howard St., Randolph, MA, 

Special Ed. 
Barton Jr., Wayne D., 281 Union St., E. Bridgewater. 

MA, Physics 
Bates, Elisabeth R., Special Ed. 
Bavin, Shelba J., Middlebury Arms Apt. D-16, 

Middleboro, MA, Physical Ed. 
Bavin, Thomas A., Physical Ed. 
Beaudoin. Richard R., 28 Center St., Segreganset. MA, 

Beaudreau, BrcndaJ., 27 Huntington Ave.. Monument 

Beach, MA. Special Ed. 
Beaulieu, Karen A., Physical Ed. 
Beaulieu, Richard N., 190 Bush St.. Fall River. MA, 

Bell, Marian L, 65 Walnut St., RFD 2, E. Bridgewater. 

MA, Comm. Arts and Sci. 
Benbenek, Paul L., 431 Fisher Rd., N. Dartmouth, MA, 

Elem. Ed. 
Benner, Donna M., 32 Hoover Ave., S. Braintree, MA, 

Elem. Ed. 
Bennett, Joanne, 19 Massasoit Ave., Fairhaven, MA, 

Special Ed. 
Bennett, Kathleen J., 122 Thatcher St., Westwood, MA, 

Physical Ed. 
Bennett, Nancy R., 375 Washington St., Fairhaven, MA, 

Special Ed. 
Bennoch, Elizabeth P., Special Ed. 
Benoit, David W., 242 Main St., Bridgewater, MA, 

Special Ed. 
Benoit, June A., 242 Main St., Bridgewater, MA, Elem. 


Bernard, Janet A., 4 Dover St. Fairhaven, MA, French 
Berube, Kathleen A., 1 Gen. Sherman St., Taunton, MA, 

Elem. Ed. 
Berube, Lynn M., Elem. Ed. 
Beshara, David A.. Special Ed. 
Bigelow, Rhonda L., Physical Ed. 
Bill Jr., James H.. Psychology 
Bird, Doreen E., 499 Cushing St., Hingham. MA, Elem. 

Bleau, Edward R., 4 Franklin St., N. Attleboro, MA, 

Bliss, Gerard C, 165 E. Main St., Marlboro, MA, Art 
Bloomquist, Judith M., 375 Salem St., Woburn, MA, 

Boardman, Carol, 753 New Boston Rd., Fall River, MA, 

Elem. Ed. 
Boehme, Robert L.. Chemistry 
Bohner, Kathleen A., Sociology 
Boisvert, Marianne, 82 Middle Road, Acushnet, MA, 

Bolea, Patrice L., 116 Brooks Ave., Quincy, MA, Elem. 

Boles, Deborah A., 43 Taylor Ave., Dedham, MA, 

Bollea, Dennis G., 34 Evergreen St., Fairhaven, MA. 

Earth Science 
Booth. Janice M.. Sociology 
Bordinelli. Mary D.. 30 W. Chestnut St.. Brockton. MA, 

Special Ed. 
Borecki, Sally A.. 197 Belleville Rd.. New Bedford, MA, 

Botvin, Mary, 8 Rose Land Terrace, Marstons Mills, MA, 

Elem. Ed. 
Bouley. Gary E., 27 George St., Whitman, MA, Biology 
Bowers, Ed. W., Art 
Boyne, Nancy B., Special Ed. 
Brackett, Bonita F., Elem. Ed. 
Brady, Carol C, Elem. Ed. 
Brady, Clare M., 105 Hatherly Rd., Scituate, MA. Elem. 

Brehm, Lorraine A., Special Ed. 
Brennan, Catherine A., Comm. Arts and Sci. 
Brcslin, Mary-Anne, Special Ed. 
Britton, Ann, 96 Union St., Bridgewater, MA, Comm. 

Arts and Sci. 
Brockbank, Brenda, 1041 Johnson St., N. Andover, MA, 

Brcxjkfield, Susan, Earth Science 
Bryan, Constance M., 96 Nahanton Ave., Milton, MA, 

Bua, Jeffrey P., Physical Ed. 
Buckley, Donald J., 87 Sutton St., New Bedford, MA, 

Burke, Heidi A., 16 Belmont St., Methuen, MA, Special 

Burman, Marguerite, 358 Chatham West Dr., Brockton, 

MA, Elem. Ed. 
Burrell, Donna L., 209 South Dr., Bridgewater, MA, 

Butler, Ann M., Physical Ed. 
Byrne, Virginia M., Mathematics 
Byron. June T., Elem. Ed. 
Cabral, Michael E., 5 Maple Ave., Kingston, MA, 

Physical Ed. 
Cabral, Thomas, 56 Marsh St., Fall River, MA, Elem. Ed. 
Cabral H, John R., 317 Hillberg Ave., Brockton, MA, 

Cachopa, Mary E., 286 Morton St., Stoughton, MA, 

Elem. Ed. 
Caddeil, Linda J., 8 Picker Lane, Easton, MA, Psychology 
Caizza, Mary C, 27 Broad St., Brockton, MA, Elem. Ed. 
Camacho, Diane M., Physical Ed. 
Campanella, William F., 338 Westwood Ave., E. 

Longmeadow, MA, Special Ed. 
Campbell, Lynn J., 4 Western Ave., N. Easton, MA, 

Special Ed. 
Campbell, Mary E., 38 Glenwood Ave., Cambridge, MA, 

Phyiscal Ed. 
Campo, Lorraine C, 283 Ridgewood Dr., Norwood, MA, 

Elem. Ed. 
Candito, Robert J., 81 Hampton Cir., Hull, MA, Chem/ 


Canter, Janet, 23 Meadow Lane Apt. 2, Bridgewater, MA, 

Caf>ezio, Lauretta A., Comm. Ans and Sci. 
Carey, David S., Art 
Carlson, Paula J., 54 Western Ave., N. Easton, MA, 

Elem. Ed. 
Carmichael, Lynn A., 158 Washington St., Canton, MA, 

Special Ed. 
Carney, Marie C, 334 Plymouth St., Holbrook, MA, 

Carrara, Denise, 1590 Bay Rd., Stoughton, MA, Physical 

Carroll, Jean M., 64 Morse Ave., Dedham, MA, Elem. 

Carter, Wendy L, 1444 Mass Ave., Lexington, MA, 

Carrier, Mark S., 8 Tenth Ave., Halifax, MA, Comm. 

Arts and Sci. 
Case, Deborah S., 3 Fellows St., Danvers, MA, Special 

Cash, Laurie A., Elem. Ed. 
Cassie, Darlene, Psychology 
Cassulo, Joanne L., Anthropology 
Castle, Richard T., Psychology 
Castro, Marie A., 5 Woodlawn St., E. Taunton, MA, 

Elem. Ed. 
Caulfield, Donna M., Mathematics 
Cavanagh, Albert R., Sociology 
Cella, Linda, Physical Ed. 
Cerce, Catherine A., 42 Kurland Ave., Brockton, MA, 

Elem. Ed. 
Chase, Kathleen E., 12 Gregg St., Beverly, MA, Elem. 

Chiodetti, John C, 64 Alpine PI., Franklin, MA, 

Cichon, Michael, 254 Moniaup St., Fall River, MA, 

Ciullo, Robert J., 72 Cook St., Fall River, MA, Elem. Ed. 
Clancy, Beatrice R., Special Ed. 
Clancy, Cynthia A., Psychology 

Clark, Frank S., 17 River St., Stoughton, MA, Psychology 
Clark, Joseph P., 1 1 1 Baldwin St., Fall River, MA, 

Clement, Catherine A., Chemistry 
Clifford, Catherine M., Special Ed. 
Coakley, Gail M., 252 Main St., Medway, MA, Elem. Ed. 
Coakley, Marian T., 23 Zabelle Ave., Auburn, MA, 

Physical Ed. 
Coburn, Denise, Biology 
Cochrane, Jan N., Special Ed. 
Cohen, Barry D., 595 Revere Beach Parkway, Revere, 

MA, Comm. Arts and Sci. 
Colby, Clifton M., Art 
Cole, Linda C, Elem. Ed. 
Collins, Michael A., 182 Datewcxxi St., Wareham, MA, 

Political Sci. 
Collins, Richard B., Sociology 
Collins, Susan M., Earth Science 
Colmer, Kathleen E., 221 York St., Canton, MA, Elem. 

Colyer, Diane M., Physical Ed. 
Comita, Jean M., 70 Forest Drive, Bridgewater, MA, 

Elem. Ed. 
Conant, Robert E., 850 Webster St., Hanover, MA, 

Condlin, Joan A., Ocean Heights, Edgartown, MA, 

Elem. Ed. 
Connor, Louise, 14 Coury Dr., Acushnet, MA, Elem. Ed. 
Conrad, Kathy M., English 
Conway, William G., Physical Ed. 

Coose, Debra P., 453 Willard St., Quincy, MA, Elem. Ed. 
Cordeiro, Paula A., 13 Morgan St., Fairhaven, MA, Elem. 

Cormier, Arthur J., Special Ed. 
Corriveau, Denise T., 213 MacArthur Ave., Somerset, 

MA, Physical Ed. 
Costello, Catherine M., 303 Highland St., E. Bridgewater, 

MA, History 
Cote, Anne M., 255 Somerset Ave., Taunton, MA, 

Special Ed. 
Cotter, Joanne, 179 Rochambeau St., New Bedford, MA, 


Cotter, Richard T., 6^6 Plain St., Marshfield, MA, 

Courcy, Joseph A., Psychology 
Courc^, Lisa L., English 
Couture, Ann M., 19 Simpson Ln., Assonet, MA, Elem. 

Coyle, Beverley A., English 
Coyle, Francis W., Special Ed. 
Coyle, Joanne E., Special Ed. 
Coyne, Jeanne A., Geography 

Craig, Doris A., 26 Quarry Rd., Dedham, MA, Elem. Ed. 
Crosby, Joan, 246 Colonel Hunt Dr., Abington, MA, 

Crosby, Karen-Lee, Elem. Ed. 
Crosby, Maureen P., Special Ed. 
Crossen, Susan E., Mathematics 
Crowley, Janice T., Elem. Ed. 
Cuddy, Claire M., Comm. Arts and Sci. 
Cummings, Linda C, Psychology 
Carrie, Linda M., 95 Summer St., Abington, MA, Elem. 

Curry, Jayne M., 118 Howland Rd., Stoughton, MA, 

Special Ed. 
Dacosta, Paula R., History 
Dagraca, Laurindo T., 51 Porter St., Taunton, MA 

Daley, Jon P., Art 
Daly, Dennis E., Eanh Science 
Darche, Patrice A., Biology 
Darsch, Jayne L., French 
Dau, Beverly G., 74 Stoughton Rd., Dedham, MA, Elem. 

Davidson, Rebecca L., Anthropology 
Davis, Dan M., 102 South Main St., Middlebury, VT, 

Elem. Ed. 
Davis, Eric A., Mathematics 

Davis, John A., 11 Dixon St., Dedham, MA, English 
Davis, Sheila A., Physical Ed. 
Decosta Jr., Joseph R., 380 Robeson St., Fall River, MA, 

Special Ed. 
Decoste, Lois A., Physical Ed. 
Decouto, Margaret M., Elem. Ed. 
Dee, Janet M., Elem. Ed. 
Deguire, Lucille B., Psychology 
Delmonaco, Donna M., 5 Roc-Fall Rd., Hingham, MA, 

Elem. Ed. 
Delorenzo, Madalyn A., 131 Thayer Ave., E. 

Bridgewater, MA, Mathematics 
Demello, Mary M., Physical Ed. 
Demski, Marianne K., 4 Endicott Ave., Marblehead, MA, 

Physical Ed. 
Dcroche, Kathleen M., 162 Moulton St., Rehoboth, MA, 

Physical Ed. 
Deslauriers, Lee A., Physical Ed. 
Desrosiers, Kathleen A., Elem. Ed. 
Dif alco, Dorothea, Special Ed. 
Dinardo, Debra A., 85 Edwards St., Quincy, MA, Elem. 

Dinatale, Paula M., 1 1 Arcadia Ave., Reading, MA, 

Elem. Ed. 
Diodati, Michael R., 68 Bridges Rd., Williamstown, 

MA, History 
Dirhalidis, Gabriel, 123 Battle St., Brockton, MA, 

Dixon Jr.. Joseph W., 263 Chestnut St., Randolph, MA, 

Dodge, Roberta S., 362 Summer St., Bridgewater, MA, 

Elem. Ed. 
Doherty, Joseph T., Spiecial Ed. 
Doherty, Linda J., 138 Lyman Rd., Milton, MA, Special 

Dolloff, Laureen A., Elem. Ed. 
Donaghey, Susan E., Physical Ed. 
Donoghue, Anne M., 15 Fisher St., Westborough, MA, 

Physical Ed. 
Dooley, Karen A., English 
Doucette, Ann M., 30 Rockland Dr., Pittsfield, MA, 

Douzanis, Judith E., Harvard Rd., Shirley, MA, Elem. 

Doyle, Patricia A., Elem. Ed. 
Doyle, Robert F., Physical Ed. 
Doyon, Denise R., Elem. Ed. 

Drain, Gretchen, 94 Cedar St., Quincy, MA, Elem. Ed. 

Droukas, Thomas M., Earth Science 

Dubic, Joseph A., 206Jon Drive, Brockton, MA, Elem. 

Dudutis, Denise R., 60 Hooper Rd., Dedham, MA, Art 
Duffy, Kathleen L., Comm. Arts and Sci. 
Duggan, Mary, Comm. Arts and Sci. 
Dunn, Veronica M., Physical Ed. 
Dunne, Robert W., Psychology 
Dunphy, Mary J., 26 Arthur St., Braintree, MA, Physical 

Dupont, Susan C, State Ave. Box # 174, Palmer, MA, 

Special Ed. 
Dutton, Barbara A., 77 Billings St., Sharon, MA, Special 

Dybowski, Jane, 795 N. Underwood St., Fall River, MA, 

Eager, Charles W., History 
Eastman, Bradford D., History 
Eddy, Joanne N., 121 Park Ave., S. Weymouth, MA, 

Edw'jrds, Karen M., plem. Ed. 
Edwards, Kenneth L., Sociology 

Ennis, Charles S., 18 Barberry Ln., Norwood, Psychology 
Entel, Robert L., Geography 
Erichsen, Robin D., 4 Knollwood Rd., Medfield, MA, 

Physical Ed. 
Fahey, Laurie F., English 
Fardie, Joan, Elem. Ed. 
Farias Rose-Marie, 41 Moody St., Fall River, MA, Special 

Farley, Pamela E., Special Ed. 
Farnworth, Patricia E., Sociology 
Farrell, Andrea M., 9 Ledgewood Dr., Canton, MA, 

Special Ed. 
Farrey, Nancy J., Special Ed. 
Fedele, Jayne E., Elem. Ed. 
Ferioli, Evelyn H., 71 Forest St., Bridgewater, MA, Elem. 

Fernandes, Hilda F., Elem. Ed. 
Fernandes, Susan J., 119 Jerome St., Berkley, MA, 

Physical Ed. 
Ferreira, Cheryl A., 49 Briarwood Dr., Seekonk, MA, 

Physical Ed. 
Ferreira, Daniel J., Mathematics 

Ferrick, Marian G., 50 Main St., Sandwich, MA, Elem. Ed. 
Field, Phyllis, Sociology 
Figueiredo, Elaine M., 1233 Pleasant St., E. Weymouth, 

MA, Elem. Ed. 
Fillion, Susan A., Physical Ed. 
Finnerty, Michael F., 33 Johnson St., W. Roxbury, MA, 

Special Ed. 
Fisher, Jennifer, N., Elem. Ed. 
Fisher, Sandra A., RED, Vineyard Haven, MA, Spiecial 

Fisher, Susan J., Sociology 
Flaherty, Maryellen, Elem. Ed. 
Fletcher. William D., 37 Stickney Rd., Fitchburg, MA, 

Physical Ed. 
Flor, Jane E., Elem. Ed. 
Flynn, Barbara A., 691 Stafford Rd., Tiverton, RI, 

Comm. Arts and Sci. 
Fogg, Linda L., 53 Curtis St. #6, Quincy, MA, Sociology 
Foisy, Russell M., History 
Foley, Debora T., 127 Main St., Bridgewater, MA, 

Comm. Arts and Sci. 
Foley, Debra A., Special Ed. 
Foley, James P., 220 Robert Rd., Dedham, MA, Political 

Foley, John F., Political Sci. 
Foley, Michael J., Special Ed. 
Foley, Theresa A., 37 Trainor Dr., Braintree, MA, Elem. 

Fontinha, Janet M., 103 Brcxsks PI., W. Bridgewater, 

MA, Elem. Ed. 
Ford, Elizabeth A., 82 Osceola Ave., Worcester, MA, 

Physical Ed. 
Foster, Patricia A., Comm. Arts and Sci. 
Foster, Susan J., 178 Algonquin St., Brockton, MA, 

Physical Ed. 
Fraher, James J., Psychology 
Francisco, Delia M., 117 Collette St., New Bedford, MA, 

Elem. Ed. 

Friel, Carol A., 68 Chickadee Lane, Centerville, MA, 

Physical Ed. 
Fullerton, Linda M., Special Ed. 
Furze, Marjorie A., 733 Williams St., N. Dighton, MA, 

Gabriel, Paul F., Biology 

Gage, Gloria L., 4 Woodclif f Rd., Canton, Elem. Ed. 
Galarneaux, Susan C, Sociology 
Gallagher, Ellenmarie, Elem. Ed. 
Gallagher, Kevin T., 180 Main St., Bridgewater, MA, 

Physical Ed. 
Gallagher, Richard P., 56 Hills St., Randolph, MA, 

Gamble, Joyce A., Elem. Ed. 
Garabedian, Shirley A,, 16 Park Ln. Ave., Milford, MA, 

Physical Ed. 
Gardner, Karen L., 12 Linhares Ave., Mattapoisett, MA, 

Physical Ed. 
Garrity, Mary E., 2 Fairlawn Ave., Milton, MA, Special 

Gay, Kenneth P., 560 Pleasant St., Stoughton, MA, Elem. 

Gcddie, Cheryl D., Plymouth Ave., Wareham, MA, 

Special Ed. 
Gellatly, Linda J., Elem. Ed. 
Gendreau, Joanne, 225 Orange St., Fall River, MA, Elem. 

Germain, Albert E., Biology 
Germaine, Barbara A., Special Ed. 
Gervais, Karen E., Physical Ed. 
Giannelli, Aldo E., History 
Gibbons, Kathleen A., 117 Longmeadow Ave., 

Worcester, MA, Physical Ed. 
Gill, Valerie J., Special Ed. 
Gillis, Cheryl A., Physical Ed. 
Giordano, William J., 6 Kenart Rd., Medway, MA, 

Elem. Ed. 
Giragosian, Richard, 20 Lakeshore Drive, Pembroke, 

MA, Psychology 
Girard, Janice M., 44 Jerusalem Rd., Fairhaven, MA, 

Elem. Ed. 
Glynn, Thomas J., 47 Donald Tennant Cr., N. Attleboro, 

MA, Elem. Ed. 
Golden, Andrea F., 14 Hill St., Woburn, MA, Physical 

Gomes, Nancy E., Elem. Ed. 
Goss, Cynthia L., 80 High St., Newburyport, MA, 

Special Ed. 
Gould, Patricia E., 266 Main St., Norwell, MA, 

Gould, Sandra L., 700 Brockton Ave., Abington, MA, 

Graney, Ann M., 11 High St., Norwood, MA, Elem. Ed. 
Gray, Donna M., Special Ed. 
Grazewski, John J., 14 Greatwoods Ter., Lynn, MA, 

Physical Ed. 
Gredler, Michael E., Biology 
Greenberg, Linda E., 2109 Elm St., Dighton, MA, Elem. 

Greenhalgh, Charlotte R., Chestnut Hill Rd., Groton, 

MA, Physical Ed. 
Gregory, Elizabeth A., 47 Clark Rd., Bx. 410, RED 4, 

Buzzards Bay, MA, Elem. Ed. 
Grew, Janice M., Biology 
Griffin, Judith A., 169 Charles St., Abington, MA, Elem. 

Griffin, Sheila M., Biology 
Griggs, Joan F., Elem. Ed. 
Guasconi, Gina M., Elem. Ed. 
Guay, Raymond N., Sociology 
Guerrettaz, Donna M., Special Ed. 
Guilbeault, Paul L, 84 Rodney St., New Bedford, MA, 

Gunn,Joan, 13 Tyson Rd., Franklin, MA, Sociology 
Gunther, Diane M., 52 Lafayette St., Randolph, MA, 

Special Ed. 
Gustafson, Linda R., Special Ed. 
Haddad, Virginia A., 10 S. Walpole St., Sharon, MA, 

Hague, Sarah E., 436 Prospect St., Fall River, MA, Elem. 

Hall, Deborah, 45 Brighton St., N. Abington, MA, Elem. 


Hall, Nancy A.. 146 Plymouth St. #4, Bridgewater. MA, 

Hallberg, Elizabeth A., Elem. Ed. 
Hamilton, Jacqueline M., Special Ed. 
Hand, Raymond V.. 6 Melody Ln., E. Longmeadow. MA, 

Hanify, Pamela A., Art 

Hanlon, Nancy M., 56 Kensington Rd.. Dedham, MA, 

Physical Ed. 
Harrington, James A.. 54 School St., Rehoboth, MA, 

Special Ed. 
Harris, Cynthia A., 55 Heather Ln., S. Weymouth, MA, 

Elem. Ed. 
Han, David R.. Elem. Ed. 
Hart, Larry L., 16Johnson St., Ashland, MA, Physical 

Han, Maureen S., Elem. Ed. 

Hart, Russell P., 55 Otis St., Mansfield, MA, History 
Harwood, Kathleen R., Elem. Ed. 
Haskell, Judith L., 101 Common St., Quincy, MA, Elem. 

Hawes, Susan W., 252 Rock O'Dundee Rd., S. 

Dartmouth, MA, Sfiecial Ed. 
Hawkins, Wendy A., 15 Nahanton Ave.. Milton, MA, 

Physical Ed. 
Hayer, Mark P., Elem. Ed. 
Hayes, Susan E., 11 Marshall Rd., N. Easton. MA, Elem. 

Healey, Charles P., 43 Beech St., Dedham, MA, Special 

Healy, Linda M., 8^ Doris Dr., N. Weymouth, MA, 

Physical Ed. 
Heffernan, Ellen M., Elem. Ed. 
Heffernan, Philip J., 49 Wyman Rd., Billerica, MA, 

Henderson, Sheila M., Psychology 
Hendrickson, Cynthia A.. 3 Kent Cir., Gloucester, MA, 

Special Ed. 
Hibler, George M., Physical Ed. 
Hill, Steven E., Elem. Ed. 
Hinds, James E., Political Sci. 
Hines, Margaret E., Psychology 
Hjerp>e, Margaret E., Special Ed. 
Hogan, Paul D., 94 Elmlawn Rd., Braintree. MA, 

Political Sci. 
Holden, Paula A., 4 Shawmut St., Maiden, MA, Special 

Hollander, Edna G., 35 Laurel St., E. Weymouth, MA, 

Elem. Ed. 
Holleran, Kathleen M., History 
Holmes, Esther S., 47 Chestnut Rd., Halifax, MA, 

Physical Ed. 
Holt, Peter A., Elem. Ed 
Hood, Steven D., 70 Queen Annes Way #38, 

Weymouth, MA, Anthropology 
Hopkins, Sherran L., Psychology 
Houlker, Donna L., Physical Ed. 
Howard, Carol A., Chemistry 

Howard, Paul J., Fox Chase Rd., Chester, NJ, English 
Hudon, Paula C, 45 Alfred St., New Bedford, MA, 

Elem. Ed. 
Hudson Jr., Richard A., History 
Hughes, Cheryl A., Psychology 
Hughes, Jacqueline M., N. Shore Blvd. General 

Delivery, E. Sandwich, MA, History 
Hunt, Patricia F., Elem. Ed. 
Hurley, Diane K., English 

lanniello, Eva E., 114 Oak St., Duxbury, MA. History 
Irr, Carol A., Elem. Ed. 
Irving, Margaret E., Elem. Ed. 

Issa, Rosemary, 40 Harlan Dr., Brockton, MA, Elem. Ed. 
Jackson, Elizabeth H., 58 Gifford Ave., N. Dartmouth, 

MA, Elem. Ed. 
Janelle, Patricia M., Physical Ed. 
Jantz, Steven T., Sociology 
Jarret, Robert L., Biology 
Jennings, Paula E., 300 Allen St., New Bedford, MA, 

Special Ed. 
Jewell, Diane M., History/Sociol. 
Jezak, Janice M., 53 Whittier St., Fall River, MA, 

Physical Ed. 
Jillson, Antonette W., 7 Jay Rd., Scituate, MA, Special 

Johnson, Christine M., Elem. Ed. 


Johnson, Claudia A., Psychology 

Johnson. Martha A., 7 Morningside Dr., Walpole, MA, 

Elem. Ed. 
Johnson, Sandra L., Special Ed. 
Johnson, Susan E.. Elem. Ed. 
Johnston, Alan M., Geography 
Jones, Brian S., Physical Ed. 
Jones, Richard J., Political Sci. 
Jordan. Patricia A.. 19 Maple St., Millbury, MA, Physical 

Joseph, Daniel P., .39 Cedar Hill Rd., Ashland, MA, 

Physical Ed. 
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Editor: Diane Colyer 
Co-Editor: ArtGjrmier 
Secretary: Jean McClean 

Treasurer: Katie Tyndall 

Cover: Charlotte Greenlagh 

Photography: Pat Connally — Dodge-Murphy Studios 

Barbara Tobin 

Al Pietrantanio 

Art Cormier 
Taylor Publishing Company Representative: John Levis 





^^^rr, M 










REFLECTIONS — of good times and good 
friends. This, which was once our life at BSC, 
will now become a minute of time in our mem- 
ory. We have worked tremendously hard, 
laughed together and cried together. And we 
have grown and learned of ourselves and each 

We, the yearbook staff, have tried to collectively 
present our senior year here at Bridgewater with 
these feelings in mind. Much time and dedica- 
tion has been spent by many people to put this 
book together. Extra special thanks go to Katie 
Tyndall, Mark Poirier, Nancy Farrey, Judy Rolli, 
Bill Campanella, Sue Mackey, Al Pietrantanio, 
Barbara Tobin, Jean McClean, and all those smil- 
ing faces. We would also like to thank Pat Con- 
nally of Dodge-Murphy Studios and John Levis 
of Taylor Publishing Company for all their 
patience and guidance. But the person who 
deserves the most credit is Artie Cormier whose 
drive and sense of humor has made the book pos- 
sible, even though I won most of the arguments! 
Thanks, Art. 

Our yearbook, though, is only like textbook 
knowledge. It is only that which is taken into the 
heart that is truly remembered. 

Through this book, we hope you can reflectively sit back and smile, for the memories are now 

Best Wishes to the Class of '76 


diane colyer 


The foolishness of my writing in comparison with what I wanted to write infuriated me for years. Greatness, greatness, 
greatness is what I wanted and insisted upon, only to notice that everything I wrote was small and miserable. I couldn't 
understand it. My soul was great: astonishingly great, and yet it was captured in a little feeble body and could not get itself 
free. I had in my soul the greatest truths to tell, but when I came to the work of telling them I couldn't do it, I couldn't find a 
starting place . . . Where could I begin.' 

I was long years discovering the secret that it does not matter where one begins, and that it is not necessary for anything 
one writes to be instantly great, the important thing is for a man to resign himself to the truth that he is only a man, and to 
work . . . 

From The Bicvcle Rider in New York 

by William Saroyan